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Cocktail bar Tenderly in Tokyo

Cocktail Bar Tenderly In Tokyo

(image taken from Time Out Tokyo)

Recently we went to check out the Tenderly bar in Oomori. It was found it at Timeout Tokyo when I was searching for cocktail venues around.

It might be difficult to understand why Tokyo being called “the world capital for cocktails”. Cocktails have come to town relatively recently, and there are too few cocktail places here for “the world capital” (you know, with real cocktails rather than chu-hi). Anyway, there really are several places that specialise in cocktails and they consider making a cocktail an art. And of course, bartenders there are renowned. Some are young and they rock, some are 60+ and they still rock! Such venues are distinctive for serious atmosphere (dimmed lights, calm music, quietness and, I don’t know, some kind of solemnity) and serious prices (1100+ yen per cocktail). And be ready to pay 1000-2500 yen of table charge on top of your order – for which you may get either nothing or light snacks. I suppose the price is driven by the fact that these venues are high-end; most Japanese go to cheap izakayas for beer, average sake, and chu-hi. Besides that, to bring overseas alcohol to Tokyo actually costs a lot.
We went to Tenderly because I wanted to see the hostess in real life. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there; but we found a small screen at the entrance that played a video of her making cocktails – and it was breathtaking! In the bar, instead of her, we found two bartenders which turned out quite proficient as well – and I hugely enjoyed talking to one of them. Later on, I thought that I’ve had a useful and interesting piece of practice in Japanese* – that is, on an interesting topic, without much ceremonies, “nihongo-ga jozu” and all that. I’m sincerely grateful to the bartender for briefing me on some unconventional French liquors, letting me smell and even taste one, and finding the liquor recipe in the Web )))
1 Margarita (that was a bit too strong for me even after a good dinner) and a portion of an exclusive Laphroaig whiskey variance for L. have set us back almost 5000 yen ($50), table charge included.

This is how my Margarita looked like. It wasn’t sweet, and it didn’t feel diluted in any amount.

image by kyah

image by kyah

I liked everything a lot; but prices are not for faint of heart – at least, surely not for weekly visits. But the gained inspiration is over the top =))

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